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Endoscopist Interview: Cathy Easley

Self-Care Advice from Experienced Gastroenterologists

GLP-1s May Lead to an Increased Risk of Post-Endoscopy Aspiration Pneumonia

Case Study: How Northfield Hospital Achieved a 100% Reduction in Staff Musculoskeletal Pain

Dr. Sandi Fields Shares Her Experience With ColoWrap

‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

5 Ways to Improve Endoscopy Unit Morale

8 Ways to Make a Difference During Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Obesity and Difficult Colonoscopy

Adenoma Detection Rate: Raising The Bar in Colorectal Cancer Detection

What is Zero Harm Endoscopy?

Ergonomic Intervention in Endoscopy: Justifying the Cost

How to Manage a Difficult Colonoscopy When Your Patient has a Redundant Colon

COVID-19 and Colonoscopy: Considerations for Endoscopy Staff

Gifts for Healthcare Staff This Holiday Season

Rising Rates of Obesity and Healthcare Worker Injury

Will Smith Gets Scoped

Managing a Difficult Infection

Just How Risky Is Abdominal Pressure?

Safety in High Reliability Healthcare

5 Pointers for Acing Your Joint Commission Survey

What's Your Risk for Workplace Injury?

Preventing Endoscopy Staff Injury Explained in under a Minute

Endoscopy Staff Injury Explained in Under a Minute

Healthcare Ergonomic Solutions Under $200

Nurses Deserve Praise, Not Wrath

Nurses Strike for Their Rights

Endoscopy Unit Wish List

Nursing CEUs: What You Need to Know

Endoscopy Nursing: An Olympic Event

Staying Safe During Scope Reprocessing

Staff Safety and Morale: The Link is Clear

SPHM Alphabet Soup

Endoscopy Staff Injury: Assessing Risks vs. Assessing Damage

The Anatomy of Patient Handling Injuries

A Good Endoscopy Nurse Is Hard to Find

VA Safe Patient Handling: Protecting Healthcare Staff and Patients

Chatting about Colonoscopy

The Ergonomics of Colonoscopy

5 Indirect Costs of Endoscopy Staff Injury: #5 Compliance

5 Indirect Costs of Endoscopy Staff Injury: #4 Poor Patient Outcomes

5 Indirect Costs of Endoscopy Staff Injury: #3 Turnover

5 Indirect Costs of Endoscopy Staff Injury: #2 Absenteeism

5 Indirect Costs of Endoscopy Staff Injury: #1 Presenteeism

Endoscopes: Handle with Care!

An Invisible Work Hazard Affects GI Staff

3 Barriers to SPHM Program Implementation

Guide for Getting the Most Out of SGNA 2019

Is Safe Patient Handling on Your Radar?

Endoscopy Nurses & Technicians: Keys to Colonoscopy Success

5 Things You Can Do about Early Adult Onset Colorectal Cancer

Follow the (Colorectal Cancer) Leaders

Women Gastroenterologists: Underpaid, Under-Represented

What Is ADR Missing?

Clarifying Confusing CRC Terminology

The Microbiome: Beyond Gut Health

The International Journal of SPHM Highlights Endoscopy Nurse Injuries

Cancer Treatment Shut Down

CRC & Colonoscopy: A Global Perspective

Looping in Colonoscopy: A Video on the What, Why, & How

Endoscopy Staff Injury: A Personal Story

Lynch Syndrome: Testing Should Be Mandatory

A Brief History of Colonoscopy

Table Talk That Might Save Your Life

Increasing Endoscopy Unit Efficiency: It’s Time to Take Control

Study Shows ColoWrap Increases Adenoma, SSP Detection

A Colonoscopy Saved Big Stace's Life

Colonoscopy Quality Measures: Withdrawal Time & ADR

Physician Spotlight: Dr. Sandi Fields

ACG 2018: Three People to Follow

ACG 2018: Get the App and Get Organized

ACG 2018: A Colonoscopy-Centric Agenda

Unsedated Colonoscopy: Surely You Jest

Female Gastroenterologists: Underpaid, Under-Represented

Nurse Injuries Hurt Patients & Hospitals

Injury in Endoscopists: Scope at Your Own Risk

Fiber: Don't Believe the Hype

SSA Detection: The Key to Preventing CRC?

What Is a Difficult Colonoscopy?

Barriers to Colonoscopy

Looping in Colonoscopy: A Primer

Post-Colonoscopy ER Visits 4X More Likely GI Docs Think

Propofol in Routine Colonoscopy: Better Care or Better Bottom Line?

Safe Patient Handling: There's an App for That

Does FIT Measure Up to Colonoscopy?

Nurse Endoscopists: Faster, Cheaper, Better?

VA Leads the Way in Safety

Endoscopy Nurses: How Much Are They Worth?

Colonoscopy: Three Reasons to Go for the Gold


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