Physician Spotlight: Dr. Sandi Fields

Posted by Larissa Biggers on October 19, 2018


 All physicians want to provide superior care for their patients, but practicing medicine today can be complicated. In the last decade, doctors have been tasked with navigating new technologies, government mandates, and payment guidelines, all of which can detract from caring for patients.

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Female Gastroenterologists: Underpaid, Under-Represented

Posted by Larissa Biggers on September 14, 2018

One physician’s response to a Dallas Medical Journal survey has evoked angry retorts and refueled discussion about inequities between male and female physicians. Dallas County Medical Society members were asked if there was a pay gap between male and female physicians, and if so, how it could be remedied.

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Topics: gastroenterologist, women in GI, female gastroenterologist, pay gap, gender inequity

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