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Posted by Larissa Biggers on August 02, 2019
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Topics: VA, VA SPHM, safe patient handling, healthcare costs, endoscopy nursing, nurse injury, SPHM, OSHA, OSHA violation

5 Indirect Costs of Endoscopy Staff Injury: #5 Compliance

Posted by Larissa Biggers on June 14, 2019

If you have followed the previous four posts in our series on indirect costs of endoscopy staff injury, you know that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) sustained on the job are costly. Case in point: the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that one of every three dollars spent on workers’ compensation claims originates with ergonomic problems, and costs related to MSDs amount to more than $54 billion per year. This article, which is the last in the series, looks at how MSDs affect an organization’s ability to comply with worker safety regulations and the financial consequences of violations.

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Topics: safe patient handling, healthcare costs, patient safety, GI nursing, endoscopy nursing, nurse injury, hospital costs, SPHM, OSHA, OSHA violation

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