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Predict and Prevent Difficult Colonoscopies

ColoWrap 360: Revolutionizing Colonoscopy Procedures with AI Power

ColoWrap 360 is an AI companion that helps you predict and prevent difficult colonoscopies


A 360° Process for High-Precision, High-ROI ColoWrap Usage


Connect & Capture

Collect baseline data to assess ergonomic risk using the Staff Strain Index™ and benchmark against facilities nationwide

Analyze & Predict

Identify patterns in colonoscopies that create the greatest risk for staff injury, patient complications, and procedural delays

Monitor & Improve

Monitor performance on an ongoing basis to optimize performance and efficiency

Recommend & Implement

Develop customized ColoWrap usage algorithms to maximize impact and ROI

Benefits of ColoWrap 360


AI-Powered Precision


Proven Performance


Improved Safety


Maximized ROI


Increased Staff Satisfaction


Enhanced Efficiency

Get Your AI-Powered ColoWrap 360 Analysis

Use the power of data capture and AI to determine your most difficult colonoscopies

Connect & Capture with ColoWrap TrackIt Packet™ Data Collection FAQs

Why should I collect data?

With ColoWrap 360's proprietary analysis you’ll be able to:

  • Assess your staff's risk relative to safety standards and hospitals across the US
  • Uncover patterns in high-risk, prolonged colonoscopies
  • Receive recommendations for high-precision, high-ROI ColoWrap usage

What data am I collecting?

Basic patient demographics (age, weight, gender, BMI), basic procedural information (sedation, scope size), and a few outcome data points (cecal intubation time, use of manual pressure, use of repositioning). That's it!

Is this a HIPPA issue? Am I sending you Patient PII?

No. There is absolutely no patient identifiable information required or included in the data collection process.

What do I receive from analyzing my data?

Our analysis will aggregate and synthesize your data and report on:

  • Mean Staff Strain Index™
  • Frequency of excessive (ergonomic) risk colonoscopies
  • Frequency of prolonged insertions

What do you do with my data?

ColoWrap uses your data to assess your unique unit and build a customized recommendation for how and when to use the ColoWrap device for maximum clinical impact and ROI.

Should I only collect it for certain colonoscopies (e.g. specific physician, when pressure is required)?

No. The insights and recommendations provided by ColoWrap 360 will be most valuable when data is collected for all colonoscopies. Once the analysis is complete you will be able to review the effect of different variables such as physician, patient gender, patient BMI, patient age, etc.

How long should I collect it for?

ColoWrap generally recommends 1 month of data collection to establish and analyze a full representative sample. Exceptions exist, contact ColoWrap with any questions.

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