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ColoWrap® Anti-Looping Compression Device Overview

ColoWrap is specifically designed to prevent looping

Looping occurs in up to 90% of colonoscopies and is the reason why manual pressure and patient repositioning is required.

ColoWrap is the first device specifically designed to mitigate looping - minimizing the need for manual pressure and repositioning and keeping staff and patients safe.

What is looping?

Patented Protection

In clinical trials, ColoWrap® use was associated with up to a 90% reduction in the need for manual pressure and an 80% reduction in patient repositioning.

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Fully Adjustable

ColoWrap® has both a primary band and a secondary strap. The primary band applies firm, sustained pressure while the secondary band allows additional pressure to be applied during the procedure, where and when it is needed. 

ColoWrap® comes in five sizes to ensure a proper fit for all patient body types.

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ColoWrap® Benefits

Protect and Retain Endoscopy Staff

The average GI injury costs the hospital in excess of $100,000, all of which is preventable with proper practices out in place
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Improve Colonoscopy Quality

Add new modules, remove or reorder entire sections, group modules, add custom classes and so many more.
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Prevent Costly Work-Related Injuries

ColoWrap allows for easy scope advancement in torturous or difficult colons by proactively preventing loop formation
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