Will Smith Gets Scoped

Posted by Larissa Biggers on November 22, 2019

You’ve probably heard it said before; the only screening tool that has the power to detect and prevent colorectal cancer (CRC) is colonoscopy—not FIT tests, not CT colonoscopy, and not stool DNA tests. While other methods might seem easier or less intimidating, they simply do not deliver the benefits of colonoscopy, that is, the ability to find and remove polyps.

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What Is ADR Missing?

Posted by Larissa Biggers on February 22, 2019

According to the American College of Gastroenterologists (ACG), adenoma detection rate (ADR) is “the measurement that best reflects how carefully colonoscopy is performed.“ Defined as the percentage of patients age 50 and older undergoing screening colonoscopy who have one or more precancerous polyps detected, ADR is calculated by dividing the number of procedures in which one or more adenomas is detected by the total number of procedures. An endoscopist’s  ADR should be at least 25% for men and 15% for women.

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Topics: colonoscopy, colon cancer, adenoma, polyp, CRC, colorectal cancer, ADR, cancer, microbiome, probiotics, interval cancer, adenoma miss rate, AMR, adenoma detection rate

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