Endoscopy Unit Wish List

Posted by Larissa Biggers on September 06, 2019

“What's one thing you wish you had in your [GI] lab, or one thing you couldn't live without that you currently have?” This attention-grabbing question was posted recently on an SGNA discussion board.

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Guide for Getting the Most Out of SGNA 2019

Posted by Larissa Biggers on April 10, 2019

Are you attending the SGNA Annual Course in Portland? As of today, 1202 GI professionals are registered. Here are few hints and tips for getting the most out of this jam-packed, well planned event.

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Endoscopy Nurses & Technicians: Keys to Colonoscopy Success

Posted by Larissa Biggers on March 27, 2019

What Is Endoscopy?

For those not immersed in the world of gastroenterology (GI), endoscopy refers to nonsurgical procedures that allow a physician to examine the digestive tract. In these procedures, a flexible tube with a small light and camera attached (an endoscope) is inserted into the mouth or the rectum. Physicians can then inspect, take pictures, and perform therapies like removing polyps and taking biopsies. The two most common endoscopic procedures are 1) upper endoscopy, which looks at the first part of the small intestine and 2) colonoscopy, which examines the lower intestine (colon). 

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The International Journal of SPHM Highlights Endoscopy Nurse Injuries

Posted by Larissa Biggers on February 01, 2019

An article in the latest issue of The International Journal of SPHM (Safe Patient Handling and Mobility) investigates a significant but rarely publicized problem—musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among endoscopy nurses and technicians. “Endoscopy Staff Injury: A Serious Problem Hiding in Plain Sight” provides specifics on the extent, nature, and root causes of endoscopy staff MSDs and includes data compiled from various studies.

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