An Invisible Work Hazard Affects GI Staff

Posted by Chad Griepentrog on May 03, 2019

Nurses are often exposed to a number of potential environmental hazards when performing their jobs. On a daily basis, we encounter patients who need our assistance to keep from falling while ambulating, require a helping hand with toileting needs, need an intramuscular injection, or have a dressing that needs changing. All of these tasks, which nurses around the world might perform multiple times during a typical shift, carry an inherit risk that could expose the nurse to injury or infection. Although the majority of us are able to perform these routine nursing duties without a second thought, it only takes one misstep or unusual circumstance to cause harm to the nurse. Unfortunately, when exposures, patient falls, or other incidents occur, they can have long-term physical effects on the nurse/technician.

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Topics: nurse, endoscopy, nursing, patient safety, nurse injury, fluoroscopy, radiation, radiation protection

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