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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

by ColoWrap, on December 20, 2023

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a WOW was working, not even a mouse.
The scopes were hung by the bedside with care,
In hopes that the next case soon would be there.

The patients were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of smorgasbords danced in their heads.
And with the patient in position, us all in our surgical caps,
We all settled in for what we thought would be a snap.

As the case began, the monitors created such chatter,
We looked at the screen, we looked at the patient, to see what was the matter.
Over to the front of the patient we flew like a flash,
Listened to their utters and checked on their Sats.

Doc was certain there was looping, and it was way down low,
We were feeling that something was about to blow.
When what to our concerned eyes did appear,
There was the solution, loud and clear.

With a primary strap and secondaries too,
We knew in a moment we’d no longer be blue.
More rapid than expected, the sections of colon they came,
And the doc whistled, and shouted, and called them by name.

“Now Sigmoid! Now, Left! Now, Transverse and Hepatic!
On Ascending! On, Cecum! On TI, that’s fantastic!
To the top of the cecum! To the bottom of the rectum!
Now intubate! Extubate! Let’s see it all!”

As looping does occur and manual pressure doesn’t fly,
When met with this obstacle, ColoWrap doesn’t lie.
Adjustments are made with the greatest of ease,
Removing the pain and strain, we always aim to please.

And then, in seeing the proof,
The staff were anything but aloof!
As they became hands free, and there was no turning the patient ‘round,
Down the staff injuries came with a bound.

They were dressed in PPE, from their heads to their feet,
But the lack of pressing and holding was found to be a treat.
Without all the torquing, no one threw out their back,
And the Nurse Manager and docs all made a pact.

We’ll use ColoWrap on those that are difficult, those that are very!
We’ll use ColoWrap so our staff can be merry!
The nurses and techs mouths drew up like a bow,
And they worked hard to find just where to stow.

ColoWraps in all types of sizes,
They told all their friends, so there’d be no surprises.
Nurses, techs, and docs learned how to wrap,
There’d be no more hurting, the clinical consultants made it a snap!

By Christmas the ColoWraps were set up on the shelf,
The materials team kept them stocked, like an indispensable elf.
In the blink of an eye, and the twist of a head,
Staff can get injured, but no need to dread!

ColoWrap stops looping, the straps do all the work!
Letting you remove the polyps, leaving nothing to lurk.
Laying a finger no longer apropos,
Give ColoWrap a nod, hands free through the colon your scope will go.

The colon can be tortuous, it can be redundant,
When the staff aren’t hurt, they’re superabundant.
You can hear them exclaim as they get home before night,
When placed low and tight, ColoWrap’s positioned just right!

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