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No more manual pressure.

ColoWrap eliminates manual pressure and repositioning in over 90% of colonoscopies.

Endoscopy Nurse Injury Whitepaper: Putting Yourself Before the Patient

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Eliminate Patient-Handling Injuries In Your Endoscopy Unit

51% of endoscopy nurses have experienced at least one musculoskeletal injury on the job, and 24% have required time off to recover. These injuries occur as a result of manual abdominal pressure and patient re-positioning, two unique patient handling responsibilities associated with colonoscopy.
ColoWrap reduces the need for these maneuvers by more than 90%.




Increase Staff Retention and Satisfaction


Injuries are one of the primary reasons nurses leave endoscopy. The costs of replacing one nurse can exceed $50,000. Moreover, the loss of a key team member can hurt the morale and performance of your unit. ColoWrap can help you retain your most important assets by keeping your endoscopy staff happy and healthy. 


Lead Your Unit to New Levels of Success


Numerous studies show a clear link between staff safety and patient outcomes. If you want to deliver what's best for your patients, invest in keeping your staff protected.


Results from providers just like you

  • Fleming

    “Use of the ColoWrap in my unit has increased patient and staff satisfaction. Patients have been noted to have less abdominal pain related to looping and manual abdominal pressure. We have also seen a decrease in post-procedure events related to abdominal pain and complications. In addition, use of ColoWrap has greatly reduced our staff injury rate. In the past, Endo nurses and technicians suffered shoulder and back injuries due to the application of constant abdominal pressure. This decrease in injuries and workman's compensation has added to the financial health of the unit, as well as the hospital.”

    Lisa Fleming, RN Nurse Manager, Highland Hospital
    Rochester, NY


Minutes of Pressure Eliminated

$4.8 Million
In Injury Costs Averted

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