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ColoWrap® Helps You Achieve a Zero Harm Endoscopy Environment


ColoWrap® is the first clinical solution to mitigate the need for manual abdominal pressure and patient repositioning during colonoscopy. ColoWrap® improves throughput, reduces cecal intubation time, and empowers organizations to deliver a safer environment for patients, staff, and physicians.

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The reduction in staff-reported MSK injuries
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GI Staff Regularly Apply 5X the Force Considered Ergonomically Safe

Established safe patient handling limits indicate the safe level of push force is 33 pounds for males and 22 pounds for females, for no more than five minutes per day.

GI staff routinely apply 50 to 115 pounds of force for ten minutes or more per case.

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Ergonomic Risks of Colonoscopy

Tamara James, Director of Ergonomics at Duke University, shares her story of how she was introduced to the risks for staff during colonoscopy.

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ColoWrap® protects staff by preventing looping

Looping occurs in up to 90% of colonoscopies and is the reason why manual pressure and patient repositioning by endoscopy staff is required. 

ColoWrap is the first device specifically designed to mitigate looping - minimizing the manual pressure and reposition, and preventing staff injuries.

See How It Works

See How It Works
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Partner with Experts

We are the experts in minimizing endoscopy staff injury and offer comprehensive Safety-as-a-SolutionTM programs including:

  • Data tracking and reporting
  • On-site and online training
  • Pilot and Usage Protocol development
  • Fixed cost monthly pricing models
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Take the pressure out of colonoscopy with ColoWrap®

Protect and Retain Your Staff

Reduce the physicality of the job and improve employee satisfaction.
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Improve Colonoscopy Quality

Provide shorter, safer, and more comfortable colonoscopies to your patients.
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Minimize Costly Injury Expenses

Prevent losses associated with worker's comp, days out, and OSHA citations.
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The True Costs of Staff Injury



Combined direct and indirect cost of average injury



Hospital revenue required to offset cost of one work-related injury

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