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COVID-19 and Colonoscopy

Study reports that 13.5% of endoscopy units have had at least one staff member test positive for COVID-19.

It is critical to maintain physical distancing during colonoscopy

BeforeAfterApplying manual abdominal pressure and repositioning patients puts staff in close proximity to aerosol-generating sources (patients' mouth and rectum) for prolonged periods. Current guidelines recommend limiting unnecessary patient contact, even when full PPE is available.

ColoWrap is clinically-proven to eliminate the need for manual abdominal pressure or repositioning in more than 90% of colonoscopies, dramatically reducing the amount of time your staff spend in high-risk 1 meter zone of exposure. 

Download COVID-19 & Colonoscopy Fact Sheet

Shorten Procedure Time

Colonoscopy is considered a high-risk, aerosol generating procedure. Exposure risk is a function of proximity and duration. ColoWrap shortens cecal intubation time and minimizes the frequency of difficult, prolonged insertions. This can help limit physician and staff time in the procedure room, reducing the risk of exposure. 

Minimize Extra Staffing

Additional endoscopy staff are often needed in the procedure room to assist in applying pressure and repositioning the patient. Current COVID-19 guidelines recommend minimizing extra personnel in procedure rooms as much as possible.  ColoWrap can prevent the need for additional endoscopy staff during colonoscopy, reducing the risk that a single COVID-positive patient could infect numerous staff members. 




Implement ColoWrap Now:

We've developed a new program for facilities interested in implementing ColoWrap as they resume colonoscopies. This includes:

  • Virtual in-services
  • Online staff training course
  • Flexible purchasing models

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