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ColoWrap Shortens Procedure Time During Colonoscopy, Increases Physician and Staff Satisfaction — Data Presented at “The Next Big Thing” Session at SAGES 2022

Released: April 5, 2022

ColoWrap reduced the use of manual abdominal pressure and patient repositioning by 73.6%, and 59.5%, respectively. 100% of staff reported significant to very significant reduction in MSK pain, general fatigue, cecal intubation time, and the frequency of prolonged colonoscopies.

ColoWrap, LLC., the early-stage medical technology company behind the first and only anti-looping colonoscopy compression device, today announced two abstracts highlighting the technology’s ability to reduce procedure time and address ergonomic risks during colonoscopy that were selected for presentation during the Society for American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) 2022 Annual Meeting. SAGES 2022 was held from March 16 through March 19 in Denver, Colorado.

Colonoscopy remains the gold standard for colorectal screening and prevention with over 19 million procedures conducted annually in the United States. Looping during colonoscopy remains the largest barrier to delivering colonoscopies safely and efficiently. The status quo to reduce looping, including manual abdominal pressure and patient repositioning, introduces unique ergonomic challenges and increases the risk for musculoskeletal (MSK) injury amongst endoscopy staff. Torquing associated with loop reduction is also a contributor to ergonomic strain in physicians.

Presented as part of the SAGES’ “Next Big Thing” session was “ColoWrap Colonoscopy Compression Device Shortens Procedure Time and Increases Physician and Staff Satisfaction.” Research was conducted at Northfield Hospital located in Northfield, Minnesota. The hospital self-reported that 60% of endoscopy personnel had experienced injuries, strains, or MSK pain attributed to applying manual pressure and repositioning patients during colonoscopy. Of those experiencing pain, 20% of endoscopy staff reported that they suffer daily MSK pain due to the requirements of manual abdominal pressure and patient repositioning during colonoscopy.

At Northfield, ColoWrap use reduced average cecal intubation time by 3.6 minutes and reduced procedure time by 5 minutes per case. There was also a 48% reduction in manual pressure and a 79% reduction in patient repositioning. All endoscopy personnel reported moderate to very significant reductions in MSK pain and general fatigue while physicians reported reductions in looping and personal physical strain, as well as improved patient comfort.

"ColoWrap has been a huge satisfaction driver for our endoscopy staff and providers," said Cheryl Langford, MSN, RN, CNOR, Director Surgical Services & Endoscopy at Northfield Hospital. "Musculoskeletal pain and fatigue the team has experienced associated with colonoscopy has been significantly reduced."

Also selected for presentation, “Preventing Staff Injury and Enhancing Satisfaction: Results from Use of ColoWrap Colonoscopy Compression Device in High-Volume Endoscopy Unit,” highlights research conducted at Barnes Jewish West County Hospital, where 85% of endoscopy personnel had experienced MSK pain or injury related to applying manual pressure or repositioning patients during colonoscopy.

"The use of ColoWrap in my department has been a tremendous benefit to our staff and patients.” said Connie Hall, BSN, RN, CGRN at Barnes Jewish West County Hospital. “Staff don't complain about hand, back, and shoulder pain nearly as much. On a recent survey on safety, my department scored very high on questions about whether the facility cares about the safety of the staff,” Hall continued. “Using ColoWrap was pointed out as something done to protect staff from potential injuries on the job. I also feel it is much safer for our patients. I have not had any reports of abdominal pain or bruising from patients since we started using ColoWrap."

This single-center observational study focused on patients at risk for difficult colonoscopy, including those with a BMI >35, prior difficult colonoscopy, abdominal hernia, or multiple prior abdominal surgeries. In the study, ColoWrap reduced the use of manual abdominal pressure and patient repositioning by 73.6%, and 59.5%, respectively. 100% of staff reported significant to very significant reduction in MSK pain, general fatigue, cecal intubation time, and the frequency of prolonged colonoscopies. Interestingly, staff also reported a significant improvement in their ability to focus on other procedural duties during colonoscopy due to the need for manual pressure and repositioning being drastically reduced.

Collectively, this research was led by Dr. Seth Gross (NYU Langone Medical Center) and Dr. Jean Wang, MD, PhD (Washington University in St. Louis), in collaboration with Cheryl Langford, MSN, RN, CNOR (Northfield Hospital), Amber Lusk, MSN, RN, CNOR (Northfield Hospital), Connie Hall, BSN, RN, CGRN (Barnes Jewish West County Hospital), and Blair Eason, RN (Barnes Jewish West County Hospital).

About ColoWrap, LLC.
ColoWrap® is an early-stage medical technology Company dedicated to creating a Zero Harm Endoscopy Environment. The Company’s flagship product, the ColoWrap Anti-Looping Colonoscopy Compression Device is the first and only non-invasive device that has been clinically proven to mitigate looping during colonoscopy. Worn by the patient during the exam, the device applies targeted, adjustable abdominal pressure to minimize sigmoid and transverse looping. In clinical trials, ColoWrap has been shown to shorten procedure time, improve patient comfort, and reduce staff-reported musculoskeletal pain by 85%. 


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