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ColoWrap Curtails Endoscopists’ Ergonomic Risk in Large Study, Enables Completion of Prior Failed Colonoscopy Resulting in Cancer Detection — Data Presented at ACG 2022

ColoWrap, LLC., the pioneer in the development of external compression technology to facilitate endoscopic procedures, today announced that two abstracts demonstrating how the Company’s products minimize ergonomic risks and enhance patient outcomes were selected for presentation during the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) 2022 Annual Meeting, held October 16-21 in Charlotte, NC.

  • In an 849-patient study, 2 in 3 physicians using the ColoWrap Anti-Looping Compression Device reported significant to very significant reductions in physical strain while performing colonoscopy. Torquing of the scope due to looping is a significant risk factor for musculoskeletal injury among endoscopists; nearly 20% of endoscopists reduce procedure volume due to overuse injuries, costing hospitals millions and reducing patient access to screening colonoscopy.
“That physicians experienced less strain while performing colonoscopy is a meaningful endpoint. Improving the ergonomics of colonoscopy for the physician could reduce the risk of injury,” said study author Seth Gross, MD, Chief of Gastroenterology at NYU Langone Medical Center. “Particularly for challenging cases, technology like ColoWrap that can help minimize looping and associated ergonomic risks offers a major return on investment.”

ColoWrap also decreased the need for staff-applied manual abdominal pressure and patient repositioning by 80% compared to published rates. These two physically demanding techniques are a significant risk factor for musculoskeletal injuries in nurses and technicians that perform them.

  • In a case study presented by Dr. Dean Edwards (Gastroenterology Associates of Southeast MO), ColoWrap use enabled successful cecal intubation in a patient with a previous incomplete colonoscopy who had a known lesion detected by imaging in the proximal colon. ColoWrap’s intra-procedure adjustability was highlighted as critical to overcoming the anatomical difficulties, including obesity and abdominal adhesions resulting from a prior gunshot wound, that had resulted in the failure of the prior exam. Successful completion of the colonoscopy with ColoWrap enabled detection of an early-stage tumor which the patient subsequently had removed.

Tony Kalloo, MD, Chair of Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center, and Head of ColoWrap’s Clinical Advisory Board shared his enthusiasm for the continued validation of the Company’s founding principal.

“From the word go I’ve believed in the concept of using external, non-manual force to help facilitate endoscopic procedures. Now we’re seeing this vision start to come to life and generate real results and it’s thrilling. This is only the start for how far the technology can be leveraged.”

About ColoWrap, LLC.

ColoWrap® is an early-stage medical company and the pioneer of external compression technology to facilitate endoscopy. The Company’s flagship product, the ColoWrap Anti-Looping Colonoscopy Compression Device is the first and only non-invasive device that has been clinically proven to mitigate looping during colonoscopy. Worn by the patient during the exam, the device applies targeted, adjustable abdominal pressure to minimize sigmoid and transverse looping. In clinical trials, ColoWrap has been shown to shorten procedure time, improve patient comfort, and reduce staff-reported musculoskeletal pain by 85%. 

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