Physicians can maintain peak performance with ColoWrap.

In clinical studies, ColoWrap was associated with reduced cecal intubation time, improved patient comfort, and increased adenoma detection.

Reduces Injuries

Overuse injuries are caused by minor to moderate strains that accumulate over time. By reducing the time and effort required to reach the cecum, ColoWrap can slow or stop this process, keeping you injury- and pain-free.

Improves Adenoma Detection

ColoWrap increased the frequency of sessile serrated adenomas (SSAs) detection by 300% in the right colon, and among patients at risk for a difficult colonoscopy, ColoWrap was associated with a 33% increase in patient adenoma detection rate. SSAs, typically found close to the cecum, are often hard to detect, yet are more likely to progress to cancer.

Shortens Procedure Time

ColoWrap reduces time for insertions lasting more than ten minutes by 50-90%, allowing you to work safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Results From Physicians Just Like You

  • “I use the ColoWrap in patients with obesity, prior abdominal surgeries, or a history of difficult colonoscopies. In my experience, the ColoWrap makes many of the procedures easier and aids with completion.”

    Dr. Jeff Zaidman
  • “I have been using ColoWrap for over three years now.  My staff and I have found it most helpful for patients at either side of the BMI extreme, those with previously incomplete colonoscopies, those with redundant colons, or those that are difficult to sedate.  Our nurses are thankful as we feel that we are preventing occupational injuries, as well as getting to the cecum faster, and not being as fatigued as we inspect for polyps.”

    Dr. Tommy Yen
  • “Even seasoned endoscopists encounter challenging colonoscopies, and for those cases, I rely on ColoWrap. It really helps.”

    Dr. Stephen M. Schutz

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is ColoWrap?
    • ColoWrap is a simple, yet effective medical device that is worn during colonoscopy to compress the abdominal area (and the colon). It applies consistent, adjustable pressure to facilitate smooth and easy scope insertion.

  • Q: Is ColoWrap appropriate for all patients?
    • ColoWrap is recommended for patients who are at higher risk for a difficult colonoscopy, for example, those with a high or low body mass index (BMI), prior abdominal surgery, hernias, as well as patients who are hard to sedate or have had a difficult or incomplete colonoscopy in the past. Some physicians use ColoWrap on every patient to shorten procedure time and reduce physical strain for themselves and their staff.

  • Q: How does ColoWrap improve adenoma detection rates?
    • ColoWrap helps to stabilize the colon, enhancing your ability to see and remove pre-cancerous polyps. Specifically, in clinical studies it increased (SSPDR sessile serrated polyp detection rate) in the cecum/ascending colon and ADR (adenoma detection rate) in the left side of the colon.

  • Q: Are there risks linked to using ColoWrap?
    • ColoWrap has been used in thousands of colonoscopies with no reported complications. It is a non-invasive device that can easily be removed during the procedure.

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