Hospitals benefit from safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective colonoscopies.

In clinical studies, ColoWrap was associated with reduced cecal intubation time, improved patient comfort, and increased adenoma detection.

Difficult or incomplete colonoscopies

Patient Complications

  • Post-procedure abdominal pain
  • Increased risk of serious complications like colon perforation
  • Undetected adenomas

Difficult or incomplete colonoscopies

Problems for Hospitals

  • Hopital readmissions
  • Decreased patient satsfaction
  • Lower colonoscopy CMS quality scores

Difficult or incomplete colonoscopies

Physician and Staff Injuries

  • Injuries to staff resulting from manual compression and patient re-positioning
  • Physical strain on physicians from difficulties advancing the scope

Without ColoWrap

  • Musculoskeletal overuse injuries
  • Incomplete or difficult colonoscopies
  • Lower patient satisfaction
  • Missed adenomas

With ColoWrap

  • Shorter and easier procedures
  • Minimal (if any) need for manual pressure or patient re-positioning
  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • Increased adenoma detection


  • “I use the ColoWrap in patients with obesity, prior abdominal surgeries, or a history of difficult colonoscopies. In my experience, the ColoWrap makes many of the procedures easier and aids with completion.”

    Dr. Jeff Zaidman
  • “I have been using ColoWrap for over three years now.  My staff and I have found it most helpful for patients at either side of the BMI extreme, those with previously incomplete colonoscopies, those with redundant colons, or those that are difficult to sedate.  Our nurses are thankful as we feel that we are preventing occupational injuries, as well as getting to the cecum faster, and not being as fatigued as we inspect for polyps.”

    Dr. Tommy Yen
  • “Even seasoned endoscopists encounter challenging colonoscopies, and for those cases, I rely on ColoWrap. It really helps.”

    Dr. Stephen M. Schutz
  • “Use of the ColoWrap in my unit has increased patient and staff satisfaction. Patients have noted less abdominal pain related to looping and manual abdominal pressure. We have also seen a decrease in post-procedure events related to abdominal pain and complications. In addition, use of ColoWrap has greatly reduced our staff injury rate. In the past, Endo nurses and technicians suffered shoulder and back injuries due to the application of constant abdominal pressure. This decrease in injuries and workman’s compensation has added to the financial health of the unit, as well as the hospital.”

    Lisa Fleming, RN
  • “I may have been the first patient who used the ColoWrap in Germany! It was for a repeat colonoscopy (after the first one could not be completed). The doctor told me that the procedure was significantly facilitated by the ColoWrap, and that she hoped more patients would avail themselves of it in the future. I will definitely use ColoWrap again for my colonoscopies.”

    Martin K
  • “I had my first colonoscopy at the age of 50, which was very difficult and lengthy. My abdomen was quite uncomfortable for the following two days of recovery. Five years later, I was understandably nervous about having my follow-up, but my doctor used ColoWrap, and the insertion time was reduced from 20 to three minutes with absolutely NO post-op discomfort!”

    Mary B
  • “I suffered with bouts of irritable bowel syndrome in the past and have had abdominal surgery, so I was very concerned regarding discomfort. I am pleased to say that with ColoWrap the colonoscopy proceeded without a hitch! Thanks for making a somewhat ‘unpleasant’ procedure so much more comfortable!!!”

    Paula W

ColoWrap saves hospitals money by reducing hidden costs associated with colonoscopy.

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